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Markets Seek Direction, Spring/Summer 2024

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Bay Area Market Report, January 2018

Construction Prospects in the US & Europe, 1st Quarter 2018

Resilient Economy, 4th Quarter 2017

Intrigue & Increases, 3rd Quarter 2017

Bay Area Market Report, July 2017

Optimism with Caution, 2nd Quarter 2017

Interesting Year Ahead, 1st Quarter 2017

Bay Area Market Report, December 2016

Island of Stability, 4th Quarter 2016

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Rollercoaster, 2nd Quarter 2016

Onward & Upward, Slowly, 1st Quarter 2016

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Market at 2015, 1st Quarter 2015

Home and Abroad, 4th Quarter 2014

Are We There Yet?, 3rd Quarter 2014

Holding Pattern, 2nd Quarter 2014

A Changing Economy, 1st Quarter 2014

Battle-Weary Market, 4th Quarter 2013

Market Data, 3rd Quarter 2013

Bay Area Market Report, 2nd Quarter 2013

Project Managing the Economy, 1st Quarter 2013

Recovery Heading Home?, 4th Quarter 2012

Beware - Cliffs Ahead, 3rd Quarter 2012

When Blah is Best, 2nd Quarter 2012

Jobs and Education, 1st Quarter 2012

Logic Need Not Apply, 4th Quarter 2011

Market Soaring ... or Stalling, 3rd Quarter 2011

Inflation & Bid Prices, 2nd Quarter 2011

QE2 in a Storm, 1st Quarter 2011

The Growth/Debt Debate, 4th Quarter 2010

Climbing a Greecey Slope, 3rd Quarter 2010

Construction Cost Trends, 2nd Quarter 2010

Recession - One Year On, 1st Quarter 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel? 4th Quarter 2009

Market Update, 3rd Quarter 2009

2009 Market Forecast, 2nd Quarter 2009

Market & Escalation, 1st Quarter 2009

Oiling Inflation, 4th Quarter 2008

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Why Project Costs Vary, 4th Quarter 2007

Escalation Trends, 3rd Quarter 2007

Greed, Fear & Reality, 2nd Quarter 2007

TBD Index and Market Report, 1st Quarter 2007

TBD Bid Index, 4th Quarter 2006

TBD Bid Index, 3rd Quarter 2006

Hospital Costs, 2nd Quarter 2006

Bay Area Market Report, 1st Quarter 2006